Whether you are an E&P company, provide consulting services, are part of a governing body, or are with an environmental firm or agency, reducing the demand and reliance on fresh water sources and the responsible use of that water must be part of your strategic plan to ensure the sustainable future of the industry and our environment.

Recycling Frac and Produced Water with the Hydro-Pod offers many benefits:

Industry Benefits
– Provides a re-usable water source
– Dramatically reduces trucking costs
– Eliminates hazards of dangerous oxidizers
– Limits both short and long-term liability
– More compatible with the formation
– Fast throughput – scalable to meet requirements
– Based upon 30+ years of hydro-frac experience
– Provides at-the-well information on water quality
– Enables fast adjustments to your process
– Low energy consumption
– Easy to Operate

Environmental Benefits
– Reduces demand for fresh water
– Provides a sustainable water source
– Dramatically reduces truck traffic emissions
– Reduces chance of spills/contamination
– Reduces wear and tear on public roadways
– Limits yet unknown long-term effect from disposal by injection
– Help provide a sustainable future. Recycle frac water.