RecyClean Services is a division of TheMark Corporation group of companies which provides environmentally-friendly solutions for a variety of applications through innovative process design and engineering and unique organic chemistry.

Mark E. Stanley, President and Founder, received his degree in chemical engineering and went on to form Clearwater, Inc., a specialty chemical company which focused on environmental solutions through engineered chemistry. The company was later purchased by Weatherford, Inc. one of the largest international oil services companies. In his position as an executive manager with Weatherford, he worked to help staff understand the application of his patented products, and proved his products’ efficacy around the world.

Today. Mr. Stanley directs The Mark Corporation group of companies, and is committed to meeting the challenges of a wide variety of industries in countries around the world, by providing innovative, environmentally-friendly solutions.

Mr. Stanley received his MBA in Finance from The University of Pittsburgh and taught there for 5 years.

The Hydro-Pod technology offered by RecyClean Services helps to provide a sustainable water source that is suitable for re-use into the fracking process. This technology offers major cost-savings for the industry by reducing water acquisition and disposal costs, as well as the potential liability that comes from transporting and/or injecting it underground.